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  • Originally posted by Deadhorse View Post
    "A lot of bigger names are coming on board" Who are you talking about? The only other name I've heard is Reutzel. That's 2 teams, with the Grove ride following the tour previously with Holtgraver. I wouldn't call that a lot.
    You was saying? LOL ... HAHAHAHA


      Carl Bowser to Join All Star Circuit of Champions Tour in 2018 in Chiappelli Motorsports #98

      Butler, PA (January 17, 2018) – After a successful season in 2017 in his first year in the Chiappelli Motorsports #98, Carl Bowser and the #98 team will launch the driver’s rookie season with the All Star Sprint Circuit of Champions in 2018.

      “To be able to take a car out on the All Star tour with Tom and Fran and our team means a lot,” Bowser said. “We had been heading in this direction by adding more All Star races and travel in 2016 when we bought the #10 team out. When we decided to partner with Tom and Fran, we all sat down and decided to put one season of more aggressive traveling together before we committed to the All Star schedule.”

      Carl Bowser battles Tim Shaffer at the 2017 Tuscarora 50. Sprint Car News Photo.

      The 2017 season was a year of growth for Bowser, running 43 races primarily in Central PA and putting the #98 car in victory lane three times. The 2018 season has more than 70 dates on the schedule between 50 races on the All Star schedule, local shows in Western PA and special events.

      “We have taken more risks and raced tougher cars in preparation for a long future together with Tom and Fran,” Bowser said. “We’re confident that this is the right next step for us, especially with the caliber of cars that we’re going to be up against with the All Stars. Our crew and sponsors have been really supportive of our goals, so we’re excited to move forward together as a team because we couldn’t do it without that.”

      Bowser will kick off the 2018 season in March in Central PA to prepare for the All Star points opener at Atomic Speedway on Friday, April 6th.

      To learn more about Carl and the Carl Bowser Racing team, you can like the team’s page on Facebook, follow Carl on Twitter, subscribe to the YouTube channel or visit

      The Carl Bowser Racing team would like to thank their 2017 sponsors: Golden Flavor Sesame Sticks, Turner Dairy Farms, DirtyMouth Communications, Reeseman Body Shop, Ringer’s Pet Dog Training, Precise Tool and Die, Precise Racing Products/Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, Alternative Power Sources, MSMDesigns, and Townsend Gas and Oil. For more information, please contact Kristin at


      • Hunter Racing‏ @HR_10H

        Getting ready for the kickoff to the @ASCoC season in Florida.


        • With a lot of bigger named drivers and teams getting on board for this season I wonder how many of the cars/teams from last year will stay on tour.


          • Glad to see him jumping on board, he's a pretty good driver out that way and drives a classic sharp car to boot.


            • We now have quite a few threads going on the same topic so I thought I would try to organize it a bit by putting it into a single thread. I haven't seen a final date that they must register by but the way the entry form was written stated signed on January _________ so I'm assuming that the 31st is the cutoff date. Which would make sense. As somebody stated on another page I think the only guys on tour last year that haven't announced or at least hinted at plans are Spithaler, the Mackison's and the Matus+Garvin Clan. Armstrong isn't returning, Campbell retired. Ryan smith and TJ Michael seemed to have hinted but not formally announced in any fashion that they're running the tour.

              Currently there are 9 drivers who have announced that they are running the series full time. Listed below is the current ASCoC Roster which will be updated as needed.

              Updated 1/17 - 9/30 PM
              #5M Max Stambaugh - OH.....
              #7k Cale Conley (R) - WV..............
              #10H Chad Kemenah - OH...
              #17 Caleb Helms - OH..........
              #35 Tyler Esh - PA................... (see the thread)
              #70 Dave Blaney - OH (NC)..
              #71 Ayrton Olsen (R) - IN......
              #87 Aaron Reutzel (R) - TX...
              #98 Carl Bowser (R) - PA.....
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              • Cale Conley announced he'll be running the all stars around 9PM today.


                • I think the all stars are off to a healthy start.


                  • Cale Conley‏Verified account @CaleConley

                    Excited to announce that I will be running with the @ASCoC for the 2018 season! - here you go! Looking forward to seeing you at the dirt tracks this year.


                    • The All-Stars have a lot of momentum going into the new year. Seems like a lot of teams are happy about the new point fund either by joining the series or wishing they could ...


                      Paul Nienhiser‏ @paul_nienhiser

                      Man what I would give to run the full @ASCoC tour...


                      • 2018 Caleb Helms All-Star ride


                        • 2018 Josh Baughman and Aaron Reutzel


                          • Tyler Esh


                            • Max Stambaugh‏ @MaxStambaugh5

                              Thanks @EagleMotorsport for my @ASCoC RoY car!


                              • Sprint Car Updates™‏ @Sprint_Updates 11m11 minutes ago

                                2 weeks! I repeat two weeks, until the @ASCoC kick off their 2018 season @BubbaRacewayPrk!